the cortex for the digital economy and sustainology

We build accessible and applicable automation and artificial intelligence solutions that serve the prosperity and sustainability of your business.

With demands rising and companies forced to go greater lengths to keep the pace with digital business models,  the use of automation and artificiaI intelligence techniques to create products and services has become indispensable. We understand what it takes for automation and artificial intelligence projects to become successful. That is why we enable our customers to deliver impactful and value-adding results – fast, visible, KPI-driven and sustainable.

create New horizons with automation and artificial intelligence

we link
the elements
that build your business

NxtCortex builds customizable platform solutions designed to enable companies to create new products and experiences for their customers. On top of these platform solutions we layer our flow-based, human-centric and interactive user interfaces.

beyond business as usual

Sustainability has been one of NxtCortex‘ values from the earliest days. We believe that technology serves sustainability. That’s why we build our products and solutions with people and planet in mind, addressing the growing demand for carbon-friendly operations, products and services.

Our automation and artificial intelligence platform solutions enable our customers to build lasting commercial advantages by decarbonating their own operations as well as reducing emissions of their customers.