everything you need to build, integrate, automate, orchestrate and visualize your
ai-infused business solutions


get it right the first time

We design your architectural model that identifies system functions and their interactions. It defines how the functions will operate to perform the desired system outcomes. The functional architecture derives from your target operational or business model.

We build your customizable and scalable platform that maps your desired end-to-end solution. For that, we use our flow-based automation and data core KORA. KORA enables you to easily combine, integrate and process all kinds of applications, services and operating systems via REST API.


mix and match services and applications

User interface
interact with your intelligent platform

The best technologies and algorithms are useless if you cannot see what they do or interact with them in a user-friendly way. With the flow-based designing tool FURO, you can program customized user interfaces without writing a single line of code.